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Concourse Club
Joining the Concourse Club is free. On presentation of your Concourse Club card members earn 5 points for every dollar spent at the Concourse Bar with the following conditions:

  1. Membership is available to people who are over the age of 18 and can produce valid ID at the time of card collection.
  2. The Concourse Club card is only valid when signed by the member.
  3. Signing the back of the Concourse Club card indicates acceptance of the Concourse Club terms and conditions.
  4. One Concourse Club membership available per person.
  5. When joining the Concourse Club you agree to the Concourse Bar sending you promotional emails and/or sms. You may unsubscribe from either form of communication by emailing us.
  6. Earn 5 points for every dollar spent at the Concourse Bar when you present your Concourse Club card.
  7. Each point is worth 1¢; ie 500 points equals $5.00 when spent at the Concourse Bar.
  8. Points will not expire as long as the member remains an active member and the Concourse Club program continues to run.
  9. Earn double points on Mondays and Tuesdays excluding already discounted items.
  10. Points can be redeemed to purchase any product sold at the Concourse Bar, including discounted items.
  11. Points cannot be earned on already discounted items during Happy Hour or on any discounted items including Beer of the Month, Wine of the Month etc.
  12. Points cannot be redeemed for cash.
  13. Points cannot be redeemed for pokie credits.
  14. Points cannot be redeemed to play pool.
  15. Concourse Club members can check their points total at any time at the cash register at the Concourse Bar.
  16. The Concourse Bar reserves the right to cancel Concourse Club membership at any time.
  17. The Concourse Bar reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Concourse Club at any time, please check this page regularly.
  18. The Concourse Club card remains the property of the Concourse Bar.
  19. Replacement Concourse Club cards will be issued at a cost of $5.00 each.

Weekly $50 Bar Tab Jackpot
The $50 bar tab jackpot, issued as points and drawn every Friday until 20 December 2019, is subject to the Concourse Club terms and conditions and the following offer conditions:

  1. Tickets to enter the weekly $50 bar tab jackpot draw will be automatically issued and placed in the raffle barrel behind the bar for every $5 spent on alcohol, hot drinks, soft drinks, bar snacks and food, but only to Concourse Club members with valid Concourse Club cards. Tickets will not be issued for items that are already discounted.
  2. There is a limit of 5 entries per member per day.
  3. Any person can join the Concourse Club for FREE, sign up now…
  4. The weekly draw will take place in the main bar every Friday evening at 7.30pm. If the Concourse Bar is closed because of a public holiday the draw will take place on the next trading day.
  5. The winner has to be present at the time of the draw and has 4 minutes to make their claim for the full amount of the jackpot total. If the winner is not present at the time of the draw they will win the equivialent of $20. The balance of $30 will be added to the following week's $50 total, this will continue until the jackpot is won. All winnings will be issued as Concourse Club points and added to the winning member's Concourse Club card on presentation at the main bar. For example:
    Week 1 $50 Winner present $50 $0
    Week 2 $50 Winner not present $20 $30

    Week 3

    $80 Winner not present $20 $60
    Week 4 $110 Winner present $110 $0
    Week 5 $50 Winner present $50 $0
    …and so on…
  7. If the successful $50 bar tab jackpot winner is not present at the time of the draw they will be notified first by email. If we do not have a members email address they will be notified by sms, or by a phone call on the following trading day after the draw.
  8. The Jackpot $50 bar tab is issued as points (5,000 points) which are credited to the Concourse Club member's card and drawn every Friday until 20 December 2019.
  9. If the weekly winner is absent at the time of the draw, once they receive notification they will need to come into the Concourse Bar to have the winning points credited to their Concourse Club card. Photo ID will be required for confirmation.
  10. Members can earn tickets for the period between 7.35pm on Friday evenings through to the following Friday evening at 7.25pm.
  11. The $50 bar tab jackpot, issued as points, cannot be redeemed for cash.
  12. Tickets will not be issued for money spent on poker machines or on the pool tables or on already discounted items in the bar.
  13. The maximum total prize pool that may be won during the promotion is $2000
  14. This promotion will be conducted in accordance with the Responsible Service of Alcohol Guidelines.
  15. Jackpot updates will be posted on our website and on the chalk boards at the main bar.

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